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Dr. Edmund Ek is a specialist Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon with extensive experience treating nose-related conditions, and in particular performing Rhinoplasty surgery in his specialised Melbourne clinic.

He is also deeply committed to promoting the human side of the surgeon-patient relationship, and makes himself available to consult with and advise his patients both before and after their surgery.

Dr. Ek works closely with those considering Rhinoplasty surgery in Melbourne and across Australia, addressing concerns and establishing realistic surgical plans to achieve outcomes including:

  • Correcting nasal deformities
  • Improving nose symmetry, profile, contour or size
  • Reducing humps on the back of the nose
  • Correcting irregularities at the tip of the nose
  • Improving nasal breathing

If you are interested in achieving any of the above outcomes, or want to discuss Rhinoplasty surgery cost, book an initial appointment with Dr. Ek in Melbourne on (03) 8419 0900.

Making the decision to undergo surgery

While Rhinoplasty surgery in Melbourne is an increasingly popular and routine procedure, there are still the risks, benefits and cost to weigh up before deciding to go ahead with the surgery. Dr. Ek will take the time to give you all the information you need and offer his expert opinion before making the decision to proceed.

Many patients choose Rhinoplasty surgery because they are severely unhappy with either the appearance or breathing performance of their nose, or both. If these problems are causing you undue pain or suffering, surgery may indeed be the best option. Once you have elected to have the surgery, Dr. Ek will discuss with you exactly what you want to achieve from the operation and explain what is and isn’t possible.

Dr Ek is also able to offer the use of Vectra 3D photography to help you both plan your surgery and visualise what you want to achieve from the surgery.

Understanding the procedure

There are two types of Rhinoplasty surgery which we perform in our Melbourne clinic, both of which are usually performed under general anaesthetic: Open and Closed. Each of these terms refers to the way the surgeon gains access to the nose tissue.

Open Rhinoplasty is where an incision is made in the fleshy end of the nose, while Closed Rhinoplasty happens entirely through the nostril, with no incision.

Depending on which type of Rhinoplasty you and Dr. Ek opt for, there are significant differences in the complexity of the operation, as well as the time taken to heal. Dr. Ek will explain these choices to you in detail during your preoperative consultations.

What results or outcomes to expect

Rhinoplasty is a common procedure with a high rate of success, both aesthetically and functionally. Although there are some rare instances where the desired outcomes are not achieved, the vast majority of Rhinoplasty surgery patients in Melbourne obtain the results they want.

You can rely on Dr. Ek to provide outstanding care and surgical expertise throughout your relationship with him, from initial appointment to postoperative care.

Some of the outcomes you can expect from your Rhinoplasty include:

  • Straighter, more symmetrical nose
  • Preferable nose size, profile and shape
  • Improved nasal breathing

To find out more about Rhinoplasty procedures in Melbourne with Dr. Ek, or to find out more about the Rhinoplasty surgery cost don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 8419 0900.