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Complication Care and Revisional Surgery Policy

Dr. Edmund Ek’s practice aims to provide you with attentive, personalised care and a satisfying surgical outcome. However, in some instances, regardless of the quality of care or the measures taken before, during or after surgery, some patients experience complications or require revisional surgery.

Please note that revisional surgery only refers to surgeries where the original operation needs to be repeated – it does not include multiple-stage surgeries.

Complication Care Policy

It is important that you understand the risks that come with having a surgical procedure. Complications sometimes arise, such as infection, bleeding and wounds not healing.

While complications are rare, they can happen. Based on what procedure you’re undergoing, Dr. Ek will explain in detail the risks associated with the surgery.

For Self-Funded/Uninsured Patients

Dr. Ek will not charge a surgeon’s fee for complications that occur within three months of the original operation. If revisional surgery is needed within this three-month period, you will however be responsible for the cost of admission, plus the anaesthetist’s fee.

For Insured Patients

For complications that appear within three months of the original surgery, all fees will be paid by your insurer (depending on your policy and cover).

You will however be expected to pay any out-of-pocket excesses which may come along with hospital admission or related charges.

Revisional Surgery Policy

If you experience complications that require revisional surgery, including bad scarring, asymmetry or if the surgery has not successfully delivered the results expected, Dr. Ek may reduce his fee to revise the surgery.

However, you will still be liable to pay for any other fees (e.g. hospital admission, the anaesthetist’s fee and any health fund excess).

If you choose to conduct your revisional surgery with another surgeon, you will be responsible for all fees yourself, as it will be billed as a new procedure by them.