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Body Lift

If you have loose, sagging skin and excess fat around the midriff, abdomen, back and hips, you might be considering body lift surgery. Body lift procedures can be especially valuable for those who have achieved immense weight loss (whether through diet and exercise or gastric banding) and wish to remove the last stubborn relics of their former physique.

Dr Edmund Ek performs a wide range of body contouring procedures, including body lift surgery. He offers his services as a skilled and experienced specialist plastic surgeon to help you take a step towards reaching your preferred body shape.

A body lift procedure can be appropriate in the following cases:

  • Loss of skin elasticity in the trunk, back or abdomen
  • Stubborn flabby, saggy, dimpled or orange-peel skin
  • Skin irritation or mobility limitations due to sagging skin
  • Noticeable improvement when lifting the skin of the lower body

Your Body Lift Consultation

With any surgery, it is important to learn as much as possible about the procedure before deciding to go ahead. While there is undoubtedly a lot you can find out on the internet, Dr Ek highly recommends taking the time to see a specialist plastic surgeon in person.

Dr Ek will spend as long as is necessary talking with you and understanding your unique case before offering his expert opinion and recommendations on whether or not surgery is a suitable option for you.

Dr Ek’s body lift procedures can either be very area-specific, such as Lower Body (tummy, thighs, buttocks and back) or Upper Body (chest, middle back), or more general (Total Body Lift). He will advise you on which operation is appropriate for your stated needs and goals.

If Dr Ek and you together conclude that surgery is the right course of action, he will then work with you to plan the surgical procedure down to the finest details, including incision locations, how much skin to remove, and anticipated recovery time.

Understanding the Body Lift Procedure

Depending on your specific case, the surgical procedure can vary.

However body lift surgery generally combines a number of surgical techniques, including:

  • Strategic removal of excess sagging skin
  • Lifting and tightening of skin to pull body skin taut
  • Liposuction to reduce fat deposits

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and can vary in length depending on the case.

Making an Informed Decision

Undergoing plastic surgery is a significant decision that should be made after careful consideration and thorough understanding of all aspects involved, including the potential risks, recovery process and expected outcomes. We’re here to support you every step of the way, providing all the information you need to make informed choices about your care.


We strongly believe that natural body variation is a part of human individuality and should be respected. Plastic surgery is a personal choice and should never be seen as a necessity to ‘fix’ what’s naturally occurring. The decision to undergo a procedure should not be driven by societal pressures or ideals, but by your personal preferences and realistic expectations.


Each surgical procedure carries a unique set of inherent risks. These can include, but are not limited to, infection, adverse reactions to anaesthesia, haematoma, unfavourable scarring, blood clots, nerve damage and dissatisfaction with the aesthetic result. It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list, and other complications may arise. Some complications can be life-threatening or require additional surgery.

Dr Ek will discuss the risks of your chosen procedure in detail during your consultation.


Recovery times for plastic surgery vary widely based on the specific procedure and the individual patient. The recovery process can be demanding; it requires time, support and often changes in lifestyle, such as time off work or temporary restrictions on activity.

To aid recovery, Dr Ek and his team will provide specific post-operative instructions, including the potential need for recovery services like massages or wearing compression garments. Adhering to these instructions and attending all scheduled follow-up appointments are integral to your healing process.


Results from any surgical procedure are influenced by numerous factors, including your age, overall health, skin quality, lifestyle habits and genetic factors. As such, outcomes can vary greatly between individuals, and it is critical to have a realistic understanding of what can be achieved.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr Ek, who will be happy to discuss these considerations in detail.

What Results or Outcomes May Be Achieved

The goal of body lift surgery is to provide a slimmer, smoother and more toned-looking body. In general, body lift results can be long lasting, provided your body weight is stable. It is essential to maintain a healthy, balanced diet and a regular exercise program to sustain your new contours..

Please note that body lift surgery is not used for removing significant fat deposits – it is not a weight loss or obesity treatment, but is used to remove leftover skin and attached fat.