Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement)

Breast Augmentation Melbourne

Dr. Edmund Ek is a highly skilled Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgeon who specialises in Breast Augmentation and associated procedures from his Melbourne clinic. A consultant plastic surgeon at numerous major hospitals in Melbourne and a published article author in this field, Dr. Ek is committed to providing outstanding care before, during and after your planned surgery.

If you are considering Breast Augmentation surgery, you will likely be aware of what it involves and what the outcomes may be. At this stage of your treatment, it is important that you take the time to talk to an experienced Breast Augmentation surgeon to establish a set of realistic goals to match what you envision for yourself.

Dr. Ek offers understanding and compassionate support to help you with your decision to undergo surgery, and will do everything he can to help educate and inform you on the pros, cons, risks, benefits and costs of Breast Augmentation in Melbourne.

He regularly consults with patients presenting with the following conditions:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Small breast size
  • Embarrassment or dissatisfaction with breast shape or size
  • Breast changes due to age, weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Ek, or to discuss the Breast Augmentation cost, please contact us in Melbourne on (03) 8149 0900.

Making the decision to undergo surgery

The journey towards your Breast Augmentation surgery begins with a thorough discussion about you, your breasts and what you want to achieve from your surgery.

Dr. Ek will take all of your questions and concerns on board during the consultation process, and will carefully examine you and discuss the likely postoperative result. He will work with you to select what implants to use, according to their type, their shape and location, the position of the scars, and, most importantly, their size.

Our practice uses the Vectra 3D imaging system to help you choose the size of your implants. Using multiple cameras and rendering software, it creates a virtual image of you with your new breasts. It is one of the most invaluable tools we have in our practice, and it is quite a lot of fun for all involved!

Once you're ready for your surgery and everything is decided, Dr. Ek will have a final consultation with you to make sure you are totally happy with the choices you've made, the possible outcome of the surgery, and the risks involved.

Understanding the procedure

Your Breast Augmentation surgery performed in Dr. Ek’s Melbourne clinic will include whatever selection of incision, implant and “pocket” you have chosen. The operation usually only takes around 90 minutes and is performed under general anaesthetic.

  • Incision

Dr. Ek will create incisions either in the crease under your breast, around the areola, or in your armpit.

  • Implant

Dr. Ek will insert the implant (saline or silicone, teardrop or round, textured or smooth) into the incision.

  • “Pocket”

Dr. Ek will place the implant in the desired location either under the pectoral muscle or on top of it, behind the breast tissue.

What results or outcomes to expect

Once the swelling from the surgery goes down in the week or two after your surgery, your implants should appear as they did in the 3D rendering we created. Complications are rare, and Dr. Ek has a stellar track record of success in this procedure.

Dr. Ek's team will also arrange follow-up consultations to track your healing progress and to answer any queries or concerns you may have in the weeks following your surgery.

Breastfeeding, ability to take mammograms and nipple sensation should in usual cases all remain unaffected.

For more information on Dr. Ek's Breast Augmentation procedures in Melbourne, or to discuss the Breast Augmentation cost, feel free to call our practice on (03) 8419 0900.