Breast Lift

Breast Lift, Melbourne

Pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight loss and the ageing process can all take their toll on breasts, causing them to lose their youthful shape and firmness. Expert Breast Lift surgery (Mastopexy) performed in our specialised Melbourne clinic can restore some of your breasts' original contour and shape, removing sag and raising the nipples while reducing areola size.

Candidates for Breast Lift surgery commonly suffer from the following conditions:

  • Sagging or hanging breasts that have lost their shape or volume
  • Stretched breast or areola skin
  • Downward-pointing nipples
  • Excessive difference between each breast size

Please note that your breast size won't change with Breast Lift surgery. If you want to reduce the overall size and volume of your breasts, please see our Breast Reduction page.

If you'd like to enquire about a Breast Lift procedure in Melbourne for a cost that you can afford, please call (03) 8419 0900.

Making the decision to undergo surgery

Dr. Edmund Ek is a highly experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a strong background in Breast Lift surgery. Dr. Ek has a special interest in all areas of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, and is dedicated to providing you with the world-class care and support you need when deciding on whether or not to undergo surgery.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, discomfort or low self-esteem due to the condition of your breasts, Dr. Ek and his team welcome you to come in for a preliminary visit and discuss your options.

Understanding the procedure

While there are numerous Breast Lift techniques, they all aim to raise the nipple, fill out the breast, and reduce excess skin. The exact procedure used will depend on your existing shape and expectations, so Dr. Ek will work closely with you to determine which option will work best for you.

The breast lift surgery itself is performed in our Melbourne clinic under general anaesthesia either as a day case or with overnight stay, depending on the patient and surgery required.

There are three types of incision that are used. The first only cuts around the areola, the second extends vertically to the breast crease, and the third adds a crescent-shaped wedge under the breast crease. Dr. Ek will explain which incision type he will use during your consultation.

What results or outcomes to expect

Our Breast Lift surgery in Melbourne has an exceptionally high success and patient satisfaction rate.

Immediately after surgery you will of course be tender and possibly bruised, however this will subside after a few weeks, as will any numbness or loss of sensation.

Over the long term, with age and gravity, your breasts may eventually start to sag again. This is unavoidable, but it shouldn't deter you from considering the surgery as the immediate improvements to your quality of life will be the most important factor to consider.

To book a consultation for with Dr. Ek, or for more information on breast lift surgery, including the cost involved, please call (03) 8419 0900.